Pax Internetum – Day 2: Falling In

So, day 2 of the ceasefire. Things I’ve noticed on day 2:

  • I’m reading things more carefully: whereas before I’d read something and jump in with a quick response, I’m tending to digest a lot more.
  • I’m not, at the moment, missing posting responses. That might change as the week goes on.
  • The scope of this decision is becoming clearer and clearer.
I’ll explain that last point. Retweeting an opinion on Twitter or tweeting a quick article might not count as argument, necessarily but given the nature of Twitter it can quickly turn into one. It’s dishonest and unfair to refuse to engage with honest criticism, so forswearing rows means that I have to be careful what I post.
I came very close to an argument with @stuartford today; we were agreeing, but I could see that we were very close to subjects on which we wouldn’t, and probably never will. What happened, howerever, was that we discovered a point of agreement.


That’s good. It’s one of the reasons I’m doing this.


Tomorrow, I think I’ll write about


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